Erin Taylor – Wellbeing

About Erin 

Erin Taylor is an author, speaker, and founder of Athletes for Yoga, the only contextual athlete-led, on-demand video platform + app. Known for her accessible approach, she has two decades of experience training high performing individuals — from corporate executives and office workers, to everyday runners and Olympians — and is an internationally recognized expert in the practical application of yoga to easing imbalance and solving problems.

Work Well — Offerings

Work Well by Erin Taylor Works offers bespoke contextual — practical, accessible — yoga tools and wellbeing experiences for individuals and companies that optimise performance and reduce burnout. Using a little, often approach, yoga will make you a more balanced and resilient employee and human — and more effective at work and in life. 


Solve employee’s specific problems — imbalances such as stress, neck and back pain, and poor sleep — with strategic practice plans they’ll actually use. Includes assessment, bespoke solutions, and access to members-only practice resources to improve micro-behaviors and self-care practices at work and beyond. 


You perform your best when you’re focused + relaxed. Create space to gain perspective and clarity at your next offsite with sessions designed to ready your team for the task at hand, supported by practical and impactful morning warm ups, mid-day Resets, and evening wind down practices.


Recovery is just as important and equally as productive as everything else you do — a critical skill to sustain performance and avoid burnout. Use practices from Erin’s book, Work IN, for physical relaxation and mental focus training to leverage the power of real recovery and gain winning results.





I love what I do! I’ve been a full time CV Consultant for 9 years and I’ve worked with clients at all levels from school leavers to board members in the UK, the US, Europe, Switzerland, Canada, Africa and the Middle East. I’ve also delivered training courses and webinars aimed at improving CV writing capabilities across professional and educational organisations.

My mission is to bust the myths surrounding CV writing – and there are plenty of them! It’s not about luck, it’s not a number’s game, employers are not trying to catch you out, Google templates are not your friend, and you definitely did not learn to write an effective CV at school or university! My clients’ CVs are carefully designed to stand head and shoulders above the competition at every stage of the recruitment process – delivering skills and achievements in an engaging format that’s accessible at pace and 100% ATS friendly.