Dani Bernstein – Leadership Coach

Dani has established a very successful executive leadership coaching practice working with CEO’s and their leadership teams globally. Well known for her leading edge ability to help individuals find their own voice in the milieu of their own development as senior leaders and that of their leadership teams,

Dani works predominately with PLCs and major independents in retail, FMCG, advertising, the arts, and technology.

By recognising that voice underpins everything you do, Dani enables leaders to explore and develop their careers by harnessing self belief. Using career CBT methodologies she helps leaders to give themselves permission to’ just be’. It is sometimes the first time for several that they can focus on themselves rather than others. Her pragmatism and goals that individuals set themselves helps the leaders Dani works with to appreciate that excellence is a much better place to be than striving for perfection all the time. Perfection after a while is a very lonely place to be but excellence sets you free and gives you much more scope. Taking the time to empathise with the individuals she works with,
Dani’s 1 to 1 approach places career goals within a broader framework for personal and business growth. She brings enthusiasm and positivity to every session, making the individuals she works with feel comfortable and supported.

Dani works with CEO’s so that board members and team leaders embrace new ways of working cognitively by:

– Building a more cohesive and productive approach.

– Identifying and modifying unhelpful behaviours that hinder their progress and emerge with renewed confidence.

– Helping individual board colleagues and their leadership teams appreciate the value of their voice and contribution.

– Managing confrontational issues by learning the art and language of disarming achieving a better work life balance both proactively and reactively.

– Offering complete confidentiality, active listening, and goal oriented development to build trust and rapport.

– Challenging new thinking, explore how individual members of your team can acquire essential new skills.

– Knowing the importance of boundaries, aiming for excellence not perfection.


An NCFE CBT Career Coach Practitioner

GRNCM of Vocal Studies and Vocal Coach

Dani Bernstein dani@daniellebernstein.co.uk
Leadership Coach
and NCFE CBT Career Practitioner