Ashley Boroda

I provide communication training and talent advice, using a magical non-psychometric tool called iMA.  iMA helps everyone to identify and communicate successfully with people who occupy different personality styes from themselves.  The very same measurements I use for recruitment, retention and the dreaded promotion as the styles of people and jobs must match.

iMA is not a voyage of self discovery.  It is specifically designed to help you identify the styles of the people who are not like you and be able to communicate with them instantaneously and successfully.

Every person is one of four styles or iMA colour.  It is not just people who have iMA colours, jobs also have iMA colours.  People are good at jobs they like and like jobs they are good at and iMA is a superb way to assess who should be working on what, where and with whom.  By created focused job roles from recruitment through to exit, teams can be far more productive, leading to both a happy workforce and happy clients.  Reduced stress, increased profits!
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